Monday, December 05, 2011

Green Valley Ranch poker room management cheats at tournaments

Read this:

Note that TDA rules clearly state that tournament seats must be "randomly" assigned.


Ben Devlin said...

I got a tweet today that said that Sante Fe takes phone reservations for seats into their tournaments in order to "Keep locals happy." Of course, my response was "I am a local too!" However, I only call in to get on the list for cash games.
Like many things with Station Casinos, if there is a way to make it worse, they will discover it!

VegasDWP said...

Does the Nevada Gaming Commission regulate poker rooms in Nevada? Sorry if that's a stupid question, but I'd assume a complaint to them might get this sorted out.

Pete said...

This happens in every single poker room in town (in varying degrees).

In the room in which I was flooring I tried to put a stop to it when we started doing a new tournament structure. I spoke with with every floor and the new room manager and every single one of them agreed that tournament seats should be given out randomly (exceptions for handicap access being permitted). When I told the regular players that they couldn't choose their own seat they threw tantrums. Then I found out that the other floors were permitting it. So I spoke to manager agian and he agreed with me this should not be allowed. 15 minutes later I told a regular that he couldn't choose his seat he went off in huff. He came back with the manager who did at least back me up by saying that I was correct .... and then directed me to allow him to choose his seat. It was later made clear to me that my insistence on actual fairness and rules was a bad attitude.

The reality is that in today's poker market .... poker room management is terrified of losing their regular customers (even the ones who aren't such great customers)

Ben Devlin said...

It's not the point of being able to pick what seat you want here. They lay the seat cards on the counter and you get to choose your seat. The issue is that they DON'T put the seat cards for Table 7 out for anyone. They hold them behind the counter and give them to specific players.
I don't mind players picking their seats for a tournament. I just think that nobody should have a seat held aside for them unless they need a specific seat for eyesight another impairment.