Friday, February 03, 2012

Another one bites the dust

The Silverton is the latest casino to close its poker room:

While it wasn't as icky a room as the one at Fitzgerald's, I can't say I'll miss the place much. I played there only four times in my five years in Vegas, and it was always a nitty locals joint. Just not much reason to head out there, other than the cool fish tank (which I've heard has also gone away).


Rob said...

I can't remember the cirumstances, but I think I played there once. I remember it being very cramped. No loss at all, but as always, I feel badly for the folks there who are now out of a job.

grrouchie said...

I'll cross this off of my "rooms to play in 2012" list.

Never played there and now I guess I never will. I'll pretend that I did and that I won a $27 in 45 minutes and that will make me smile.

Rakewell said...


You were probably at the old poker room, which was indeed small and cramped. They moved it to a new area when they expanded the building, and actually made it quite nice, with ample room between tables.


But they never attracted many players.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad, but not unexpected. I stop by the Silverton almost every trip and it was empty and/or closed every time I walked by. Once one of the dealers tried to get me to hang around for a game but I wasn't going to wait since I was the only player! RIP