Sunday, February 05, 2012

Two Plus Two involved in Gary Johnson campaign

I'm on the email list for Gary Johnson's Nevada campaign. In one I received just a few minutes ago from Jared Lord, the state campaign director, I noticed this interesting tidbit at the end: "Two Plus Two Poker has been very kind to donate office space in Henderson. Right now the space is being underutilized, as I've been working from home...."

I guess sharing office space is OK, but maybe I should warn him about looking in Sklansky's glove compartment.*

*If that reference is too obscure, see here.


grrouchie said...

I remember when a lot of crap went down on 2+2 with the Brandi chick as I was actually frequenting that forum at the time.

I particularly loved her Full Tilt pictures and her Santa's Helper Pics.

Rob said...

Gary Johnson still has a campaign? Really? Who knew?

Big-O said...

"WCP fave crazy girl Brandi Hawbaker."

WCP--Wild Cherry Pepsi???