Thursday, March 22, 2012

Return to razz

Tonight I played in my first online HORSE tournament in, well, ages. Probably six months, I guess. I was on Black Chip Poker.

I was cruising along just fine, and then something happened.

What happened?


Specifically, I first got a shorter stack all in on 3rd street with my A64 against his 852, and lost:

Then I got another short stack to cap it on 3rd and get it all in on 4th, with my 523-6 against his 827-Q. And STILL lost:

I was a 60/40 favorite on 3rd, 84/16 favorite on 4th, and still a 65/35 favorite after pairing on 5th.

That one-two punch left me very short-stacked, and I was out in 19th place (of 59, with 9 paying) shortly thereafter.

The fog of memory is clearing, and I am quickly remembering why I stopped doing this stuff.


lightning36 said...

Razz came directly from the Devil. I am convinced about that.

Anonymous said...

I've played HORSE (and Razz) last time I was in Vegas. Perhaps you remember? I'd be happy to give you some pointers. :)