Monday, March 05, 2012

Whom did Josie meet?

OK, readers, which of you will confess to being the Grump reader in this story from Very Josie?

Anyway, I hadn't been playing many hands because the cards were shiat and then I got the mighty 2-4. Now IF I want to play the 2-4 I go in raising. I don't want to be up against other low cards. What I'm looking for is that low flop and it's only good if my fishponents have high I go in raising. So I raise it up in 2 off the button to 3 times the BB...betting 300. One guy reraises me to 800, 500 on top. Fawk. Everyone folds and fuck it I call. Either I hit the flop or I don't. Bingo! Flop is 2-4-10. I check, he bets, I raise. Turn is a jack. I bet and he calls. River is an ace and I'm not loving this anymore so I check and he checks behind me. He flips over 9-9 and my 2 pair wins. Yay, right? Except the whiner, who wasn't even in the hand, just cannot get over what happened. He just goes on and on about how I called the raise preflop with that hand. I ignore him for a while, but he literally goes on for over 5 minutes about it. Finally I explain that I had 300 in there and 500 wasn't enough to make me fold. He says he didn't realize that I was the original raiser. Okay, whatev. If you're going to bitch and moan you should really pay attention to what you're moaning about. And then the biatch says "You probably didn't even know you were playing a famous hand. (!)


He says "I follow this guy on Twitter. Poker Grump! He's amazing...blah blah blah. He plays that hand you know?"

LOL I tell him that YES I've heard of Poker Grump too. And then he waxes on about how amazing his blog is. I suppose there's no accounting for taste Yes, I did agree with him. Then I'm you read Poker Grump regularly? And he says that yes he does. He says that the poker world on the internet is a small one and everyone reads Poker Grump.

Hmmmm I was tempted to say something like, did you read about this girl Very Josie....Poker Grump made her his bitch? It was right on the tip of my tongue, but what point would it serve other than to point out I was Poker Grump's bitch. Is that a good thing? I think not.
Time to fess up, whoever you are.


Josie said...

Note to self: I should be a little more gracious when describing my opponents.

grrouchie said...

@Josie - if you become more gracious you will lose your edge and we will be bored :)

Anonymous said...

My two faviorite casios built similar parking grarages about the same time (Binions (ROunders, poker) and CalNeva Reno).