Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Two odd poker-related visuals have caught my eye this week.

First, I got an email from Bovada (formerly Bodog), saying how much they've missed me since I haven't played there in a few months. It includes a nice tournament ticket, which I will definitely use, so I kept this in my email in-box to remind myself to check the schedule for when I can use the ticket. But the longer it sat there, the more I thought something didn't look right. I finally looked closely and realized the problem:

It's the geography. Paris is indeed just across the street from the Bellagio, but that establishes that we're looking south on Las Vegas Boulevard from Flamingo Road. But then we see Caesars Palace further south, and facing us. This is wrong, because CP would be behind us, and facing east, the same orientation as Bellagio.

Then there's this weird cover photo from the March issue of Ante up magazine. Pay particular attention to the cards:

This is what has become pretty much the industry standard tournament winner's photo, with all the chips, the winner's trophy, and the hole cards the winner had on the last hand. (The only thing missing is the traditional cash.)

But did he really win the final hand of the tournament holding a nine of spades and ANOTHER NINE OF SPADES? Let's all say it together: "Fouled deck. Take your bets back."

Weirdness abounds.


grrouchie said...

I noticed the cards as well and thought it funny.

However, I never would have paid enough attention to catch the casino's because I'm used to seeing them misused or whatever.

cyniclite said...

They mentioned the cards on their podcast a few weeks back - apparently the cardroom manager was playing an early April Fools prank. :)

flasherman4559 said...

Nice catch on the casino cover...How do you like Bovado? Iv'e got a friend of mine who's recommended it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grump , did you know you are no longer "Rakewell" on Bovada ? Didn't know if you had played since they went anonymouse ?

Anonymous said...

Did you notice "Hey Robet" on your invitation?

Rakewell said...

Yeah, that's how I've been listed in Bodog's system from the beginning, many years ago. I never bothered to fix it.