Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Room updates

1. I played at the Riviera Saturday night for the first time in (brief pause while our hero checks his records) about 11 months. It's not exactly my favorite place. I had trouble finding it, because the room has moved since I was last there, and they apparently can't be bothered to put up any directional signs. If you want to find the poker room, you have to just wander around until you stumble upon it. To save you that trouble, I'll tell you that it's right inside the Strip entrance, that wall of glass doors. Since I was there last, they have also changed their main no-limit game from $1/$2 to $1/$3, a curious move for a small, downscale poker room. Finally, they have installed player's card readers at the table instead of having you log in and out at the desk.

2. I was in a tournament at MGM Grand Sunday, and incidentally learned that they now run a weekly HORSE tournament on Tuesday evenings. This is the one that used to be at the M Resort. This is good news, I think, because (1) M is just too far away to bother with, and (2) MGM will have a lot more touristy types who just happen to be there and decide to give HORSE a try, without knowing the games very well.

3. I read that the Palms is closing its poker room, only to reopen it a few days later. The idea, apparently, is that they're contracting out management of the room to Cantor, which already runs a bunch of casinos' sports books. Will this be the leading edge of a trend? I don't know. I also don't know if this change will coincide with the long-promised move of the poker room to a new location. Nobody tells me anything.


Pete said...

It is my understanding (perhaps misunderstanding) that the new poker room will be in the new sportsbook area. It is also my understanding that all the employees were informed they are terminated as of May 2. And that they can reapply for their positions. If hired they lose all their time in for seniority and benefits. I do not know if they intend to replace the staff or just cut down their benefits this way. Either way it sucks .... many of them have been there since the casino opened in 2001

Rob said...

What kind of action did the Riveria have when you played? Last time I found myself there there was no game going, this was early evening in the middle of the week.

Rakewell said...

Just one table of no-limit. This was midnight-2 a.m. of Saturday night/Sunday morning.

--S said...

According to an article today in the RJ, it will indeed be moved to the sports book.