Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy weekend

Back from New Mexico.

Busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow night Josie will be arriving in town, and I guess we're going out to a steak dinner somewhere. She claims--get this!--that I owe her this dinner because of losing to her at poker. Have you ever heard such a ridiculous thing in your life? She's obviously hallucinating, but I'm going along with it, because it can be dangerous to confront a psychotic person about his or her delusions.

Tomorrow is also reported to be the opening of the newest poker room in town, at Ellis Island casino. E.I. is one of the few non-pokery casinos that I've been in several times, because of its excellent barbecue restaurant. I hear that the room will be just two tables, so not exactly a tsunami hitting the local poker scene and overthrowing the big boys.

Saturday night is another tournament, with no rake and free pizza, which on both counts clearly elevates it above that piddly ol' WSOP thing that's going on.

Then Sunday night is a private poker tournament for friends Tony Bigcharles and readers of his blog.

I'll let you know if any interesting and/or amusing stories result from any of the above.


~Coach said...

The WSOP could learn a thing or two... :)

Rob said...

As I recall, Josie owes you a back rub as well, so we'll want details on that.

Since you mentioned Ellis Island, will the steak dinner with Josie be the locals special at Ellis Island? You can play poker there after.

Looking forward to hearing Josie call you "whore!" in person. I'm sure I'll be called that by her as well.

grrouchie said...

I think I'm going to make the AVP gathering if I can manage to wake up early enough tomorrow to go down and pay my pre-registration fee before they open it up and I lose my seat.

Looking forward to donating my money to the more experienced.

Memphis MOJO said...

I'm leaving town early Sat. Morning. Sorry we didn't get together.