Monday, June 11, 2012

The secret

I've had a mini streak of run-good lately. Upon entering my numbers for this evening's session at Binion's, I noticed that my results for June so far show me winning at the completely ridiculous and totally unsustainable rate of $138/hour.

I chatted with Cardgrrl when I got home, and she asked me to what I could attribute the upswing. I thought a second and replied, "Good cards and bad opponents."

By Jove, I may have just stumbled upon the great secret of winning poker.


geezer said...

grads on a great month we are all just progressing or regressing from the mean...may your mean rise so there is no regression

Wine Guy said...

Wow. Congrats on the hefty win figure. I would also add to that your experience and ability to read the situation. In reading many of your postings your indepth analysis of the hands and situations shows your game is at a great level.

Continued success..