Thursday, July 12, 2012

Poopcorn must die

Now, see, I'm laughing out loud just typing out that post title. Sadly, only one reader will find it as funny as I do.

I was playing a few SNGs with Josie tonight, and IM-chatting with her on the side, when I had occasion to type that phrase. As I looked at it there on my screen, I thought, "There must come into existence a blog post with that title. It's too good to waste." I lamely suggested to Josie that she write one, but I don't think she will. So it falls to me.

The problem is that the story that generated the phrase, well, it just isn't very interesting, nor is it very funny. If I bothered to type it out, you'd all read it and think, "That's it?" Which is probably what you'll think when I end up leaving it a mystery, too. Oh well. Nothing I can do about that.

I guess you'll just have to take my word for it: Poopcorn must die.


grrouchie serge said...

That's the kernel that gets stuck afterwards, damned annoying.

Anonymous said...


I'll write up the story about Poopcorn. It's a story that must be told...and I wholeheartedly agree, POOPCORN MUST DIE.

Rakewell said...

I assume that's Josie, showing up as "anonymous" for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Popcorn is already dead, R.I.P.