Thursday, August 16, 2012

Black Chip Poker withdrawal, Step 4

FedEx guy woke me up about half an hour ago with a knock on my door. I had no been expecting any deliveries, so I was puzzled what was in the envelope.

It was a check:

That's 9 1/2 days from submitting the request to getting the check. Not bad, Black Chip Poker. not bad at all.


Richard said...

And you've just published the contact information of their illegal payment processor. I trust you're going to cash it quickly.

Anonymous said...

Not a good idea posting check info

Rob said...

Impressive. Congratulations.

Rakewell said...

I don't see anything ever slightly wrong with posting the check info.

1. There is nothing illegal about online poker sites sending their customers' winnings to them. The UIGEA deals with deposits that are intended for illegal gambling; it says nothing about getting money from the sites to the customers.

2. I have no idea whether Black Chip uses the same middle man for withdrawals as for deposits.

3. Even if it is the same processor, if any law enforcement officials who care about it do not already know what processors are being used, they're not trying very hard. All they would have to do is have somebody in their office sign up, play a little, and cash out. No subterfuge needed. No subpoenas needed. Just deposit, play, request a cashout, and they'll get the same information I posted.

Memphis MOJO said...

There's one more step. Please let us know when the check clears.

Vookenmeister said...

Amazing turnaround for your check. Shocked. Wow

An you are right about the processors. One thing though the processors are under a microscope though. Doj, gov, international body, etc will go out of their way to find other wrongdoing so making them public it's like saying come audit me. So even if they are squeaky clean it's a hassle. Best not to publish it

It's the al Capone thing. Gov couldn't prove
Murder so got him or taxes.

FlushDraww said...

Also wonder if the fact that its a Canadian check will be a hassle although it does say processor in NY. The UIGEA said that financial institutions were not allowed to do transactions with online poker sites. Everytime I got a check I took it to Walmart. Paid them their $3 fee and had my money in seconds

sevencard2003 said...

flushdraw, the check i got from BOVADA didnt have that option. it said it could ONLY be deposited into the bankofamerica acct of tony bigcharles, and couldnt be cashed. was drawn on some singaporean bank draft.

angerisagift said...

i just hope carbon poker is just as fast.