Wednesday, September 26, 2012

...and in with the new

Arrangements are all made. Barring some unforeseen last-minute glitch, this will become the new Grumpmobile Friday morning.

Bunch more photos and full review from here. And here's what Car & Driver magazine said of it when placing it on their annual "10 Best Cars" list--for the sixth year in a row.

Readers who have unusually keen memories may recall* that way back in 2008 I mentioned that a Honda Fit might be my next car--and so it shall be.

Those who have frighteningly keen memories may recall that on that occasion my buddy Shamus made a joke in the comments about "Fit or fold." I can now finally answer: Fit.

*Is it bad luck to use the word "recall" in a post about a new car?


edgie212 said...

I just bought one in LA and I love it.

Zooks64 said...

I wish you many happy, safe miles in your new roller skate, erm, car! ;-D

bastinptc said...

Nice! My only suggestion is something other than red. It attracts cops.

Rakewell said...

On red cars, see

Chris Abramski said...

Congrats! Almost bought one of those myself.

mike said...

you going to be able to 'fit' a bike rack on that?