Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Easy game

Tonight was the first time I've been back to the Palms since I tried their new poker room and didn't like it, which was back in May. I go even to places I don't like once in a while for variety and to keep an eye on what's going on and what may have changed.

I took my seat, folded the first two hands I was dealt, then saw 2h-4h on the third hand. OK, let's play!

I rather liked the flop:

Now, usually I'm pretty good at masking any reaction I might feel to cards hitting the board. But I confess that I felt my eyebrows rise in astonishment briefly. I suspect it looked something like how Mr. Spock looked when he was surprised:

Fortunately, I don't think anybody was watching me.

I was first to act and checked. This was not a straightforward decision. On the one hand, I obviously want to get as much money into this pot from as many opponents as I can. On the other hand, when one has the board so utterly crushed as this, it's difficult for opponents to have enough of a hand that they're willing to proceed. I decided to check, not so much for purposes of deception, but to allow a free card and hope that it gave somebody a strong flush, a full house, trips--anything that they'll feel comfortable betting on.

Fortunately, as it turned out, one guy had pocket 3s and had flopped a set, which was enough for him to start the action with $11. Two people folded. I called. With the 7d on the turn, he bet $11 again, I check-raised to $30, and he called. I led out with $50 on the river and he folded. Dang. I probably could have gotten his whole stack if the board had paired, giving him a boat. Oh well. It would be unseemly to whine about the results.

I won the pot plus a $100 high-hand bonus.

I think this is the fifth time I've flopped a straight flush during my years in Vegas, plus several more picked up on later streets, though those are not as dramatic. (But still no royal, dammit! This baffles me. I'm definitely due.) The other four flopped straight flushes were recounted here, here, here, and here. With three of those, there was no possible combination of cards that any opponent could hold with any cards coming on the turn and river that would beat me; I had an absolutely lock on the hand, the mortal nuts. But with today's, as with one other time, I could theoretically end up beaten. If an opponent held two cards from the 6, 7, 8, and 9 of hearts, and the other two from that group of four came, I could get one of the worst possible bad-beat stories, having my flopped 5-high straight flush crushed by a 9-high straight flush. I was, however, not too concerned about that happening.

Incidentally, the dealer said this was the first time he had dealt a flopped straight flush.

Despite this, I still have some readers who doubt the power of the Mighty Deuce-Four. Like, for example, this nutjob, who tweeted to me last night, "2-4 is garbage." WHAT MORE MUST I DO TO CONVINCE YOU PEOPLE???

Flopping a straight flush feels really good. But I've gotta learn to keep those eyebrows under control.


DavidCF said...

Wear a billed cap.

Never mind eyebrows, a player's forehead is an open book.

Memphis MOJO said...

Ever thus, the prophet is scorned in (his) own land.

Will R. said...

Take it fwiw but if anyone has a hand that can make a strong flush or full house on the turn you're definitely going to get more action in the hand by leading flop. That said I don't mind checking here.

Anonymous said...

Saw a guy with 8s9s flop a straight-flush with 10sJsQs. He ended up losing to a guy with As when the Ks peeled off on the turn. Actually, they guy who flopped the SF was able to get away from the hand to aggression on the river.

Rob said...

That's just awesome, Grump. Wow, flopping a straight flush, how much better does it get?

I've never done it, all three of my straight flushes came on the river.

But one lady once floppd a straight flush on me. Unfortunately for me, I flopped the nut flush, and paid her off.

Fortunately for me, this was a 2/4 limit game and I stopped giving her money before I lost a lot, saying, "You didn't flop a straight flush, did you?"

She said "yes I did" and showed the cards that proved her right.

VegasDWP said...


(That was a Spock joke...)

Anonymous said...

This hand was played very poorly. Nice straight flush tho