Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This was not the winning hand

Last night I played the Monday night mixed game at Tropicana for the last time, as its poker room will be closing at 4 pm today. I may be there for the occasion. Oddly, I was also present the previous time that the Tropicana poker room closed its doors.

The game was 5-card Omaha/8 (just like regular O/8 except that you start with five cards instead of four), and the cards you see above are the five that I was dealt. That's right--the dealer gave me a king-high straight flush. Unfortunately, the rules of the game require playing just two from one's hand and three from the board, which means that being dealt a straight flush is kind of a crappy hand. I did flop a draw to the nut straight (7-8), and added the second-nut flush draw on the turn, but the river paired the board, leaving me with nothing.

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JT88Keys said...

Too bad you weren't playing in a 5-card Stud game like the old west. Of course Bret Maverick would have been dealt a royal flush in spades.