Thursday, December 06, 2012

New Harrah's poker room

Yesterday my friend "Apollo" tweeted a picture of a new poker room at Harrah's. This surprised me, as I had not heard that a move was in the works.

Today by coincidence I was at Harrah's. I have a friend visiting from out of town, and we decided to see the Mac King magic show. While I was there, I stopped to have a peek at the new room:

I don't play much at Harrah's, because it's a place where for some reason I have historically tended to lose more than I win. But on the occasions that I did play there, the things that I especially liked were that it was basically a hermetically sealed room. It was as perfectly isolated from casino smoke and noise as any poker room I've ever been in.

No more. Now it's right out on the casino floor, with just a low half-wall marking its border. Which means that there is no protection from the noise, and people will come and stand right next to the wall and smoke while they watch a poker game two feet away. Ick.

So now I'll have even less reason to play there than I did before.

I also stopped by the old poker room to see what was being done with it. Kind of hard to tell:

This is taken from the door leading to the sports book area.

The old Harrah's poker room is also where I first met Cardgrrl. She was standing about where that plastic bag in the foreground is.

Everything changes in Vegas.


grrouchie serge said...

The one redeeming value of Harrah's was the fact that it was sealed off from the rest of the casino.

If I want to play right next to the pit games and the smokers I'll just go to Bally's where I've historically had a whole lot more success.

Oh well.

Rob said...

While I certainly understand of the old room's enclosed atmosphere, the other side of the argument is that now they will get a lot more foot traffic who will notice the room, and perhaps play. And that if they weren't seeking the poker room, they might be playing on a whim and be really bad players.

@grrouchie--you better hurry if you want to play Bally's, at least in its current location. they are moving their room as well, in less than two weeks. They are moving over next to the Nosh, off the beaten path. In other words, they are taking the exact opposite approach as Harrah's.

Anonymous said...

Don't the rooms that are more visible and close to the main floor attract more donks? I always feel like the rooms that are hidden away attract fewer donks.

grrouchie serge said...

@Rob - that is horrible horrible news to hear - though I do love Nosh
However, Xmas and love have set back my poker funding and I'm back in the "wait and see" approach to playing again

Memphis MOJO said...

It was as perfectly isolated from casino smoke and noise as any poker room I've ever been in.

That means a lot, but they didn't ask me. I don't always smell the smoke, but I know it's there and I'm breathing it.