Sunday, December 09, 2012

Poker gems, #465

Nick Wealthall, in Bluff magazine, December, 2012, page 71.

The worst offense--one that you see time and again--is to fold a legitimate hand to a bet and then show it. There is simply no way to state how utterly stupid this is.... Over and over, you'll see players open-raise a hand, get three-bet or shoved on, think and then fold, before showing one card--an ace. Let me tell you right now you might as well have taken every good player at the table to one side before play and said, "Hey fellas, I'm the soft spot at the table. Feel free to reach into my arse and pull out as many chips as you like. Seriously, beat me up. Batter me over and over again. I fricking love it. I am here to help you!"

When a player shows a semi-strong hand he's folded, his opponents don't think, "Ooh, he's so clever to make that big laydown," they think,"Wow, what a pussy! I wonder what else I can make him fold."

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of time young guy tanked forever and folded KK face up asked me after what I thought as he saw me as a good player, I told him "Ithink the fold was fine but showing was horrendous" for the same reasons...