Friday, January 04, 2013

Gone to Carolina in my mind

Early Friday morning I'm flying to North Carolina, which is where Cardgrrl is living these days, for a week of slightly belated holiday celebration.

I wish I were there already.

For your pleasure, two exceptionally lovely renditions of the obvious song choice:


Anonymous said...

Make sure to check out Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville for breakfast (worth the wait).
Avoid Cherokee, you'll be disappointed other than the scenery.
Enjoy the home state.

Anonymous said...

Missing out on the action during CES... too bad

Unknown said...


I just read your link to your old "most viewed" post.

One of the comments was:

"I just spoke to DiVita regarding this thread. He said that the author of the original article (and any other interested parties) may contact him at (951) 207-1100 for an interview."

Did you ever contact him for the interview? If so, can you link it?



Rakewell said...

No, I didn't want to get that deep into it.

Anonymous said...

Saw your tweets, Is grump getting a grump-anion?

DLK said...

Kind of fun to run both of those videos simultaneously.