Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New series for PokerNews

I'm visiting family in Utah this week, but I had to pop in to announce that I'm going to be writing about poker again on a semi-regular basis. Several months ago PokerNews launched a new section for beginning players: learn.pokernews.com. I've been invited to contribute articles introducing new players to the ways in which poker in casinos differs from home games and online games. That is, my goal is to clue people in to what to expect before their first casino poker trip, if their only previous experience is either online or in casual home games. Tentative plans are for me to do a new article every two weeks. 

I think that most of my readers are well past the point of needing the tutorials that this series will offer, but if you're curious how I'll address a different audience, take a look. The first installment went live earlier today, here:


I would have put this announcement up sooner, but I was driving to Greenville, SC, then flying from there to Salt Lake City.


angerisagift said...

cool beans

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice article.

Have fun with your Utah visit.

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