Monday, February 24, 2014

Poker gems, #469

Andrew Brokos, in Card Player magazine column, January 22, 2014 (vol. 27, #2), page 42.

There's nothing fishier than getting upset about how someone else plays. If you think I'm playing badly, then exploit me and take my money. If I'm giving you tough decisions, then by definition I'm doing something right. Either way, shut up and play the game.


Tony Bigcharles said...

thats not what people are upset about, and u should be smart enough to figure that out on ur own--without me having to point it out to u. what gets people upset isnt the fact others are making poor decisions (or getting the money in as 33-66 underdogs). its the fact the math dont follow thru like its supposed to and no matter how far someone is behind they win almost every single hand, even over 1000 trials--this is what gets people so furious.

Anonymous said...