Monday, May 12, 2014

PokerNews article #16

In a departure from my usual general subject matter, I wrote (at the request of my editor) about my first WSOP experience:

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Rob said...

As you know, I tweeted out my admiration for this latest article. I actually have more to say than can fit in a tweet since, as you are well aware, brevity is not my strong suit.

I have one minor criticism. I think it was a mistake to suggest to readers that they not read your article until after they busted out of the tournament (not that most will obey you).

While I understand the idea that no one should plan to fail, I think the lesson from your experience would be valuable advice to hear before the first event.

I definitely think others could profit from the way you busted. And that you were so upset--not because of a failed bluff but because of a failure to keep to your game plan. Useful lesson, I think.

I read the old post and it was very entertaining--and of course painful. But others can learn from it.

I think anyone who plays in a big tournament the first time, they know what the likely outcome is. Sure they all fantasize about cashing or even winning the damn thing, but they also have the thought they aren't going to last as long as they like. So I think they should read your words of wisdom first.