Monday, June 09, 2014

Poker >>>> Bridge!

I guess MemphisMOJO knows that now, in case he was ever in doubt. He of the poker, bridge, and photography blog just made what I have to assume is his best run ever, getting all the way to 3rd place in the WSOP Seniors event, and walking away with $279,412 in prize money. Not too shabby for three days' work. I wasn't watching the live video, but apparently his other fans were, and they said that he raised a couple of times with The Mighty 2-4 towards the end, winning the pots. He must have flashed the cards for the camera, because the PokerNews hand-for-hand blog does not seem to report them.

Congratulations, sir. Truly superb work. Now you can pay me that $275,000 you owe me for teaching you everything you know about poker, and still have a little party money left over!


Rob said...

The cards are electronically marked, so that, even tho there's no cameras under the table, they do reveal all the cards (RFD is what I think the called it).

He raised twice with 2/4 that I saw. Once, there was no call, and once, there was a call, he totally whiffed on the flop, and c-bet and took it down. I'm sure you saw his tweet where confirmed that he did it in your honor.

He played great, and the commentary about his play was highly entertaining.

But he plays much, much tighter than a certain "Rakewell" I could mention.

Memphis MOJO said...

I thought of you when I got the first 2-4 and made the bet. When I got the second one, I couldn't resist that one either.

Your check is in the mail.