Tuesday, August 12, 2014

PokerNews article #26

This one is about quirky house rules:


On rereading it now, I think I may have used the word "artillery" incorrectly. That is, London's problem was a combination of bombs dropped from German planes and the infamous V2 rockets. I'm not sure either one is properly considered "artillery." Oh well.

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crafty said...

You're correct Grump - artillery is the stuff of short-range combat. A howitzer-type cannon, for example, is a piece of artillery.

I must say I find it curiously dimwitted that the Mandalay Bay would employ so many quirky house rules and not let anyone see them to know what they are. When my ship comes in, and I begin my life as a member of the Bertie Wooster idle rich club, I will avoid that casino on my semi-monthly sojourns to Las Vegas.