Friday, September 05, 2014

British Isles trip, part 7: Stonehenge

Link to photo dump.

It has become very difficult to take good photographs of Stonehenge unless you (A) get a special permit and can go sometime it's closed to the general public, or (B) are willing to violate their rules.

A couple of years ago, because of growing numbers of tourists, they built a new visitors' center about a mile away. You can get to Stonehenge only on one of their shuttle buses, which bring limited numbers of people at set intervals. You buy a ticket with a specific shuttle departure time. They're still in the process of tearing down the old visitors' center, in an attempt to restore the area surrounding the stones to something more like its natural state. Worst of all, there is now a path around the stone, partly paved and partly not, which defines the closest one is allowed to approach--and it's not very close.

I think the day is not far away when your camera will interact with you in this manner:

"I see that you're trying to take pictures of Stonehenge. Would you like to choose from a menu of stock photos, all of which are superior to the crappy ones you have managed so far?"


*makes selection*

"Excellent choice. Would you like me to digitally place pictures of your family members in front of the stone?"


"Please select which of your ugly children you would like in the photo."



Josie said...


Did you take the photos you posted or were they stock photos?

They are breathtaking and ALMOST as beautiful as the poppy pictures you posted.

You'd be hard pressed to top those.

DuggleBogey said...

Definitely one of the best henges. Top notch!

Memphis MOJO said...

Love the bottom one with the silhouette effect.

I remember when Stonehenge was built. I was just a youngster.

mrben09 said...

Problem is, people want to write on them and try and take bits home, hence the ever extending cordon. Didn't know about the bus though. We went a few years ago and you had to walk up from the car park past all the protesting druids (who also don't as as close as they want anymore).

Rakewell said...

Josie: They're all mine. I'm glad you like them.

Rakewell said...


Also keep in mind that I've had an excellent teacher--sometimes explicitly, sometimes just by continued example.