Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Home game

Last night I played for the first time in a local home game. It was 10-cent/20-cent blinds, maximum buy-in of $20. That's the lowest stakes I've ever played poker for, other than a few play-money games online.

You know what surprising thing I discovered? Once you mentally reset your expectations, it stings just as much to lose a buy-in of $20 as one of $200, and feels just as triumphant to double up a $20 stake as a $200 stake.

Weird, huh?


THETA Poker said...

That's because at low stakes, the money is just a way of keeping score. Perhaps that's the difference between being a competitive person (who cares about winning and losing) and a compulsive gambler (who craves the biggest action he can get).

Zooks64 said...

Not weird at all. My home game is.10/.25 blinds with a $20 buyin. We keep stats over the course of the year.

Losing a buyin is brutal and the leaderboard stats are checked regularly.

Congrats on finding a game!