Sunday, January 11, 2015

Andrew Brokos becomes the newest convert

Andrew Brokos, aka Foucault, proprietor of Thinking Pokerhas just blogged about winning a $9000 pot in a $5/10 game, holding 2c-4c, and rivering a straight to beat his opponent's top set. Pretty much routine for the most powerful hand in poker, but it's nice to have another convert to the Holy Order of the Mighty Deuce-Four.

Thanks to Memphis Mojo for bringing this development to my attention.


LowLimitPoker2 said...

:) I still remember the time I won a tournament with 24! I think it was the one and only time I left a comment here. Gotta believe!

Memphis MOJO said...

Thanks to Memphis Mojo

It's the least I could do for your originally telling me about this powerful holding.