Monday, September 28, 2015

PokerNews article #84

This one is about the problem of being too stubborn, in science and in poker.

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Anonymous said...

I read the article and had wanted to tell you what happen on Saturday night at our homegame tournament(20 players)(A league with points as well). Also we have know each other for a long time. Some background. The league used to be bigger in the poker boom. Eventually it split into two leagues for 4 years. I went with one and that one stopped a couple of years ago. I took a couple of years off and came back this year. I have history with these guys. Some view me a loose, although they really don't understand focused aggression.

We finished the first level and I was up about 75-100 chips from my starting stack of 250. Blinds moved to 2/4. Mark announced he hadn't played a hand the first level. He was on my right. The 3rd hand of the level Mark raises to 12. I look down at AA. Neither of us were blinds. It is also important to note that there is pretty significant money for points for the 1-3 finishers. This was the next to last tournament and I was 2nd at the start of the tournament.

So Mark raised to 12(normal 3x raise) and I have AA. I casually throw out 100 for a reraise. Mark pushes and I call. He as JJ and I hold. He honestly thought I was messing around. Why?????? I can't go out early because of the points. With JJ it could be a flip. That was stubborn.