Saturday, February 20, 2016

Poker quiz from Mike Caro

Question on his Facebook page:

Okay, so you're playing hold 'em and all cards have been dealt. As you begin the final betting round, you realize that you have the lowest-ranking hand that can't possibly be beat or even tied. What's on the board and what cards do you hold?

See here for his answer and explanation. But try to work it out for yourself first. It's a worthwhile brain exercise.

(I got it right. Did you?)


THETA Poker said...

I wrote a blog post on the nuts a few years ago. The most interesting part is probably that you can never hold the nuts if you have full house with a pocket pair. The answer to Caro's question was a footnote, which added that no sets other than Kings or Queens can be the nuts.

Rakewell said...

Sorry, Theta, but I think you're wrong about your last statement. On a board of, say, Ac-2d-6h-9s-Qc, there is no possible quads, full house, flush, or straight, so pocket aces would be the nuts (highest possible set).