Thursday, June 14, 2018

Deuce-Four wins again

This time it was the final winning hand in the WSOP "Millionaire Maker":


Memphis MOJO said...

"I'm not very proud of that" joked Kern when he was asked about the final hand of play.

He's trying to keep secret the power of the mighty deuce-four. Good.

lightning36 said...

I actually won with it last week when I limped in a pot with it (I should have raised with the mighty hand - I know, I know). Hit my straight on the river. Nobody called my river raise, so I never showed, which would have displayed my superior poker prowess.

The Neophyte said...

It's magical. Tournament I played in on Saturday, the guy to my left won a huge pot with 2-4 on a 224 flop. Then I won a big pot with it when I flopped 2 pair and the guy across the table thought his 8s were good.