Saturday, December 12, 2009


Beat: Playing no-limit at the MGM Grand while waiting for poker bloggers' HORSE game to start, got stacked when kings cracked on queen-high flop by doofus cowboy who thought top pair/bad kicker was foshizzle, got it all in, and turned a third queen.

Brag: I quickly made back $100 of the $200 lost before getting called to start the $3/$6 HORSE game against a bunch of other poker bloggers for about three hours, from which I emerged $8 ahead. And I only misread my hand once (Omaha, thought I had nothing, actually had a straight and took half of a large pot).

Variance: Despite being at the top of the waiting list, I never got a seat at what will become infamously known as Table 16, where the most degenerate of the bloggers were playing $1/2 NLHE, with, at one point, something like $5000 on the table where the maximum buy-in is $200. This gets listed under variance because I have no idea if I would have made a year's worth of poker income in a couple of hours, or lost the farm.

NB: The "BBV" designation is entirely original with me, to the best of my knowledge. Any resemblance to any other poker forum where the term "BBV" might happen to be used is purely coincidental and unintentional.

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