Thursday, December 10, 2009

Invasion of the poker bloggers

Today starts a four-day annual takeover of Las Vegas by maniacal hordes of poker bloggers. Leave town now, if you know what's good for you.

See Pauly's post from earlier today for some history of the event.

Later today I expect to head to South Point to find the cowboys on the next-to-last day of the big rodeo. Then it will be off to Imperial Palace in the evening to meet some of the incoming bloggers, including my tournament teammates Jen and Katie. Friday night is a mixed game at MGM. Saturday is a private tournament at Caesars, with a team last-longer bet. I will be sporting the Grump hoodie, for sure, and wishing that she who gave it to me could be there.

There are other goings-on, too: drinking, golf, drinking, strip club visitations, drinking, group football watching on Sunday, drinking. Oh, and I hear there is to be some drinking at some point. Well, I don't drink, I don't play golf, I'm not much interested in strip clubs (thinking I may be the only single, straight male who has lived in Vegas for 3+ years without going to one), and I don't know or care a thing about football. Besides, prolonged interaction with groups of highly extroverted near-strangers--no matter how nice they may be and how much I like following their writing--is just the sort of thing that is maximally tolling on a quiet introvert such as I. So I think I'll have to pass on many of the scheduled hijinx.

But I expect to enjoy the portions I'm planning to participate in. It will be nice to attach some faces to the names behind the blogs. You can follow all the fun remotely in what I expect will be explicit detail via Twitter:

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