Friday, December 11, 2009

More card protectors

I was playing at South Point today, sitting next to a guy who was using this cute little Bugs Bunny as a card protector. Bugs has a secret. Guess what his cards are?

When the player saw my interest in card caps, he pulled out another one. He said he has a bunch of such things, and onto each he has grafted a pair of hole cards.

I had to confess that I had no idea who this was, though I assumed it was a comic book superhero that I never learned about. Indeed it was. It's Daredevil. So now you know.


Jim Sweetman said...

What are DD's hole cards 66? (two-thirds of a devil's 666?)

Rakewell said...

I think so, but might be 7-6. Can't tell for sure from the photo, and I didn't notice at the time.

NerveEnding said...

I played with him at Green Valley Ranch a few nights ago. He said he is a dealer at the Venetian. At GVR he had Brian (the dog from Family Guy) and Wolverine (from the X-Men) with similar positions.

(I am assuming it is the same guy, since the card-cappers with cards are very similar. Maybe there are two of them...)