Friday, June 08, 2012

Ask and ye shall receive

Two readers kindly offered to send me the non-US PokerStars setup file. I just received and ran it, worked like a charm. I jumped into a play-money SNG, and it had my avatar loaded up, remembered my seating preference, and allowed me to run the animated hand history viewer, just like old times. The main lobby even shows me the real-money games, though obviously I have no money on account, and can't load any, so it's like showing a chocolate layer cake to a starving man.

So that's the solution--get a foreign friend to share the setup file with you. It won't get you back into the real games, but at least it restores full functionality to the software for your free games.


Lindy99 said...

Can you accept a transfer from a foreign friend to your real money account? Then you could always sell your winnings via 2+2.

Rob said...

Considering the fact that you do this professionally, I'm curious as to why you play with play money? Do you find it helps your game? I'd be surprised if that were the case, since when you're not playing with real money, why not play every hand, even if it's NOT the mighty deuce-four?

Rakewell said...

Lindy: I'm sure Starts is smart enough to have a block in place to prevent transfers the same as they prevent deposits. Even if they somehow failed to close that loophole, I wouldn't do it, because Stars would surely confiscate funds and delete the account the instant they found out about it.

Rob: It's just for fun, mostly home games with friends.

Mike Heffner said...

I have a feeling this will only work until Stars releases another autoupdate, so to keep this up your source may have to send you the setup file everytime the software updates.

But, yeah, even for play money, I'd much rather use the "real" software b/c it's so much better than the .net play money version.

Unknown said...

The workaround has been there for the better part of a year. Shamus found it because some un-named poker writers in the US need to be able to watch the Sunday Majors, and the -COOP's.

As long as you click on the "agree to not try to play real money games" everytime you log on, you'll be good to go.