Sunday, June 03, 2012

Table captain

In response to the video clip I posted earlier, Josie asked how I got Seat 1. I replied in the comments that we were allowed to pick non-randomly, so I just grabbed it. Long-time readers may know that it's my favorite, for a whole bunch of reasons.

I was about to add in the comments that I took it so that I would automatically be Table Captain. But then I realized that that's more of a private joke than something readers would recognize. I think it's time to change that.

First, you must, must read the following blog post, which is one of my favorite poker stories ever, only in part because it's written by my dear friend Poker Lawyer. The story involves her October weekend in Vegas. I saw her quite a bit that weekend, but I was not present when this story occurred, and didn't know about it until she told it on her blog:

When I read this account, I said this on Twitter:
@PokerLawyer DAYUM! Now I learn that I completely missed the best moment of the whole weekend!

@PokerLawyer You shoulda told him that Seat 1 is always table captain, and anybody who knew anything about poker would know that.
So that's where the Seat One = Table Captain idea came from: Poker Lawyer was in Seat One and declared herself to be Table Captain. Anyway, it has become something of a running joke since then. But I think it deserves to be better known, and even put into the poker rulebooks.

Seat One is the table captain. Period. That's all there is to it.


sevencard2003 said...

a guy at ballys, who says hes a fan of yours and said he was the piker something or other on twitter, said hi today. not sure if u know him

PokerLawyer said...

I wondered why my blog was getting a kajillion hits lately! You're so famous! Thanks for the link and the reminder that I did actually use to play poker :-/

Miss you!