Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some of my close, personal friends

OK, OK, so I don't actually know any of them. I just thought I'd finally get around to sharing some of the photos I took at Jennifer Harman's SPCA charity event at Caesars Palace last April. I was incredibly lucky to arrive just in time to nab a spot on the rope next to the red carpet, right by the official videographer, so I was within a few feet of nearly all of the poker stars that made an entrance. Once everything moved inside to the tournament room, I had to stay at the doorway, which is why some of the shots are long ones.

This is sort of a "Where's Waldo" test. If you have a sharp eye and are good at sometimes identifying people from blurry, distant photos, or from just half of a face or the back of a head, then you should be able to spot at least the following celebs in the above photos. (You can click on them to make them larger.) Of course, if you know the poker world well enough to do that, then you're a degenerate like me and really should be looking for better things to spend your time on!
Patrik Antonius
David Apostolico
David Benyamine
Doyle Brunson
Todd Brunson
Carrot Top
T.J. Cloutier
Alan Cunningham
Annie Duke
Shannon Elizabeth
Maureen Feduniak
Chris Ferguson
Ted Forrest
Kristy Gazes
Chau Giang
Jamie Gold
Clonie Gowen
Jennifer Harman
Phil Hellmuth
John Hennigan
Chip Jett
Karina Jett
Kathy Liebert
Liz Liu
Marcel Luske
Mike Matusow
Carlos Mortensen
Daniel Negreanu
Evelyn Ng
Scottie Nguyen
Cecilia Reyes
Erik Seidel
Mike Sexton
Allyn Shulman
Barry Shulman
David Sklansky
Marco Traniello
David Ulliott
Cyndy Violette
David Williams
Steve Zolotow

Did you find them all?

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Pauly said...

A friend of mine is standing in the background of your second picture.

Great pics, btw.