Saturday, September 19, 2009

More poker dreamin'

Last night I visited Barry Greenstein's mansion. No, not the one that everybody has seen on the televised tours he has done. He has a second, secret mansion. It's underneath the log flume at a major amusement park. (I was sworn to secrecy about which one.) The entire mansion is underwater. So it was a swimming tour. I had a hard time holding my breath at first, but soon I learned to breathe underwater, which is probably a really useful skill to have generally.

Also, Chris Ferguson was there. He had just received the first shipment of copies of the new book he has written, so I was one of the first to get to look through it. For some odd reason, he thought it would be more personal if they reproduced his handwritten manuscript exactly as it was--a page by page photographic reproduction. That is, you have to read the whole book in his own handwriting, mistakes and crossouts and all. He thought it was brilliant. I had my doubts, but kept them to myself.

The end.

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Anonymous said...

Las Vegas is the amusement park (natch). You have submerged yourself in the poker world of Vegas (an underwater world, underbelly-type of world). You feel insecure about your disconnection from the real world. Greenstein is dry and logical, as you are. He is sort of your imagined mentor? (you are in his house, but its a weird house). Ferguson is also dry and logical, but he has a few wild streaks (long hair, swing dancing). Maybe you are thinking about blog writing in this case, or how much people write about poker. Ferguson shows you a book that you have obvious issues with. Maybe you think Online Poker/Fulltilt is a slighty crackpot operation and it is untrustworthy. Anyone who would want to publish a sloppy, handrwitten manuscript is somewhat crazy, right? Poker is crazy? Poker books are crazy? Full Tilt is crazy?