Saturday, September 19, 2009

New poker site seems to be unclear on the concept

Above is the banner for a relatively new online poker site, "RedBack Poker."

You see the problem as quickly as I did, don't you?

Black widow spiders have the famous red hourglass mark on the ventral side (underside), not on the back. See here and here, e.g.

So not only is the picture wrong, if the site's name is supposed to be referring to the spider, then the entire name of the business is misguided.

And as for that slogan underneath the photo, well, that's just too weird to need further comment.


samafrica2004 said...

I believe they are referring to the red back spider, native to australia grump..heard that saying once or twice over here too!! Good blog man keep it movin!!

Rakewell said...

Samafrica, I believe you are correct. I had never heard of this before, but see:

Danette said...

Excuse me sir...I could have cleared that right up for ya, had ya asked me before posting it in your blog! Since I'm assuming you've seen my recent Tweets and Facebook posts...prompting this post here. ;)

It is in fact referring to the Red Back Spider native to Australia. The phrase is also commonly used in Australia.

"We're not here to f#%k spiders" is a way of saying "Why aren't we doing it already?" or "I'm already doing it"

Example below, two friends in a bar...

"Do you want another beer?"
"We're not here to fuck spiders mate!"

The site is great, I love it! Email me if you want some details. =o)

Hope you are well! Stop by and say hello sometime huh?!