Friday, October 09, 2009

How to make poker more fun

I have an idea for how to make hold'em better.

Rather than the dealer pitching cards around the table one at a time, he takes two in a row to give to each player. Additionally, the dealer looks at them first and arranges them with the higher card on the bottom, then carefully slides them to the player with that order undisturbed.

Can you see why this is a great idea? Assuming you lift up the cards so that you see the bottom one first, you will never be disappointed by what the second card is. Never again would you see a lovely king, followed by a wretched four. If you see a king first, you would know that the other card awaiting your eyes can only be another king or an ace! Happy days!

I don't care that this would slow the game down to about half the current pace. The avoidance of that big letdown would be worth it.


Alex said...

Here's my idea for a new game - 'Percentage Poker'. At any time up until someone is all in the person whose turn it is to act can kill the hand and all remaining players split the pot based on their percentage chance of winning if the hand was dealt out in its entirety. You can either bet or chop(or call and chop) but you can't bet and chop. If someone goes all in, then you have to play it out. Leaving aside the time it would take to actually calculate and pay out the various percentages to everyone it would bring a whole new level to the game. Did you make your set on the flop but are scared of the flush? Maybe take your 70%(or whatever it is) and be happy. You get AA and someone raises pre-flop. Re-raise them or chop and take 80%? Yeah, I know it will never happen but could be interesting.

--S said...

I'm not entirely sure the majority of the dealers in this town could actually arrange the cards such that the high card was on the bottom ;)

Zot95 said...

The downside to this is that if the first card you look at is a 3... really, what other card do you hope to warm your heart? Even another 3 is no great shakes. And due to the nature of your algorithm, 3 will be one of the more common first cards. Bummer.

I would have used the deuce in my example... but there of course you have the hope of seeing a 4. So you still have a chance to make the nuts.