Monday, October 05, 2009

Poker gems, #316

Mike Caro, in Caro's Most Profitable Hold'em Advice, p. 272.

7. When You're Not in a Pot and Don't Feel Like Observing--Don't

I believe that one of the main reasons players don't learn observational skills, and thereby sacrifice profits, is that observing constantly is agony. It's better to let your mind rest when it wants to rest. Always observe when you're in a hand. Otherwise, when it's comfortable to observe do; when it's not, don't.

Yes, you can force yourself to concentrate more and play a little better for short periods. But most people will find that they burn out quickly and are unable to play longer sessions in profitable games if they force concentration when their minds rebel. I believe that in those long, profitable games, you should let your brain relax between hands whenever it wants to.

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Anonymous said...

I had come to the same conclusion over time. Thank you for this post -- I don't know why more poker writers haven't realized this. We are not (yet) robots/cyborgs, we are mammals and must treat ourselves as such.

Probably there are several other common "poker wisdom: nuggets that should be revised in light of our not being automata. (If you're programming a 'bot, though .....)