Monday, October 12, 2009

Something cool that has nothing whatsoever to do with poker

Last night I was listening to the radio as I drifted off to sleep. It was a talk show, and they were interviewing James Nestor, who wrote a book and runs a web site both called "Get High Now." One of his favorite subjects is auditory illusions--kind of like optical illusions, but for your ears. On the radio they didn't work very well (especially since my bedside radio is mono), but today I went to the web site and tried them through headphones. Interesting. Mind-blowing, even, in some cases. I stress the need for headphones to appreciate the weirdness of these things.

The index to the auditory illusions is here:

I particularly liked "Cambiata Illusion," "Chromatic Illusion," "Risset Rhythm," "Shephard-Risset Glissando," and "Shephard Tones." But best of all was "Holophonic Sounds."

Go have fun.

P.S. The optical illusions are pretty cool, too:


xeromidas said...

get high now!! dude i will pup it right now!lol
nice blog man, gl in tha tables. seyaa

PokerLaz said...

Man that 'Vomit Vectors' illusion has actually left me feeling I need to puke!

Thanks for sharing that!