Friday, November 06, 2009

More on the Million-Dollar Cash Game

I posted Sunday about my impression after watching the first episode of season 3 of the "Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash Game." I have now watched all nine episodes that have been put up so far. They are absolutely riveting. Unlike "High Stakes Poker," they edit out all the boring hands, so every hand that is shown is interesting. Also unlike HSP, they have the mics on the players not involved in the hand turned down so the background chatter is just that--background, easy to ignore. The commentary and graphics are pretty bad, but the poker itself is the best that I've ever seen on television. Great players. Deep, deep stacks. Boatloads of money. Incredibly good play, and a few moments of insanity and stupidity. Sick hands. Real suspense. Egos crushed. And Phil Hellmuth losing over $200,000.

It just doesn't get any better. Go watch.


BigTPoker said...

I'm still watching Season 2. I do agree that play is very good. I'm hoping the production qualities have however improved a bit in Season 3 -- there was still a lot of background noise in Season 2.

Though honestly I like listening to the other players chatter during the rounds. :)

gadzooks64 said...

I spied these shows on PokerBay and was under the impression that I had already seen them until I watched the first one.

I agree that these hands are very interesting to watch. I'm going to rewatch these shows with my dedicated attention to see how these people are reacting in these tough situations.

I want to concentrate on how the losers are coping.