Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Poker gems, #323

Emil Patel, in Card Player magazine interview, November 4, 2009 (vol. 22, #22), p. 41.

You would think that people would start to play a little bit tighter because everyone is playing almost psychotically these days, but I don't really see it. Pretty much everyone combats aggressiveness with even more aggressiveness. In a six-handed game three or four years ago, if you got four-bet preflop, you could easily fold kings in lots of situations. Nowadays, when you get four-bet preflop and have something like A-Q or pocket nines, you get giddy, because it's usually a good situation to be able to get all in.

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Glenn said...

Hard to imagine five bet shoving with AQ, but I believe that's the way it's going these days. Perhaps +EV, but certainly extremely high variance as well. There's got to be a tipping point somewhere where tightening up is the only way to stay +EV.