Saturday, November 28, 2009

Score one for the chip runner

I forgot to post about a funny incident that occurred November 19 at Caesars Palace. I tweeted it, but those not following me on Twitter won't have heard this.

Guy sits down, gives chip runner $200. He gets involved in the first hand, and by the river he's all-in by verbal commitment. He loses. It was pretty reasonable--they both had trip queens, but loser with a king kicker, winner with a jack kicker that paired on the river to make a full house.

The chip runner showed up just as the pot was being pushed. The losing player told the chip runner, "Give 'em all to that guy," and pointed to the winner. It was done as he asked. He gave the chip runner another two c-notes.

A minute later, the chip runner is back with the chips. He gets the player's attention and asks, "OK, who do these go to?"

Fortunately, the player took it in the spirit intended, and joined in a hearty laugh with the rest of us.

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Conan776 said...

Hah hah, sounds like my Friday night (online anyway). Thanks a lot, I needed a laugh!