Sunday, May 09, 2010

Deuce-four wins big, big, big at Borgata

The above image was just emailed to me, accompanied by the following message. I have no immediate verification, but also no good reason to doubt its authenticity:

Good Evening Mr Grump,

The attached photo shows the the bad beat jackpot that was won at
Borgata yesterday by 2H 4H rivering a straight flush against another players
flopped Quads. By Atlantic City standards it was a small jacpot, only
$52,000. $24k for the quads as the loser, 12k for the straight flush as
the winner, and $3k for everyoune else dealt in the hand.

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Sarah said...

I was wondering how you would go about explaining the beauty of Deuce-four to Ivan Demidov. He lost with that hand in the biggest tournament of his life. Having played that hand, he lost the main event championship title, lucrative sponsership deals, along with the money that came with it.

Would love to see this topic in its own separate blog post.