Friday, May 14, 2010

The truth hurts

OK, one more bedtime story from today's MGM Grand session.

It was a fun, lively group of players--the rare kind of mix that I can interact with pretty well without feeling uncomfortable. Among them was a Crazian, who was clearly well known to the dealers. He must play there a lot. It's not one of my most frequent hangouts, so I didn't recognize him.

During one hand, he moved all in. His sole opponent was contemplating a call. In an apparent attempt to dissuade a call, Crazian said, "I look confident, don't I?"

The other guy said, "Yeah, but you've looked just as confident when you were making the most retarded calls!"

This broke the table into laughter, because we all knew it was true. Our Crazian friend had, for example, a short time earlier called a $70 all-in shove from the table rock pre-flop, holding the mighty Q-9 offsuit. Rock had Q-Q. Crazian won when the dealer put four of his queen's suit on the board.

Fortunately, Crazian took it well and laughed along with the rest of us. I said, "The truth hurts, doesn't it?" He nodded.

The dealer joined in, in faux shock: "You mean you've been playing not by the book again?"

Crazian: "I haven't read the book. I've only read four books in my life."

Random player: "And those were all Harry Potter."

Gotta be careful what you say during a hand. Your tablemates may be ready to skewer you with observations about your play.

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