Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What's in a screen name? #1

I somehow got invited to take a free seat in a $50 WSOP satellite on Bodog, so I'm playing in it as I write. (That's focus and concentration for you, eh?)

With this post I am starting a new occasional series, celebrating online screen names that I particularly like or find noteworthy. The one highlighted above is the first entry. It has the advantage of saving a lot of time expressing the same thought in the chat box. The accompanying avatar is a nice touch.

Had I thought to start this series last night, the first entry would have been a guy on PokerStars with the screen name "DidDatHurt." Good one.

I really should play on Bodog more often. I like the table appearance, and the interface is generally nice (except that the tournament lobby sucks big rocks). Most importantly, playing mostly on Stars and Full Tilt makes me periodically forget how much worse the average Bodog player is--we're talking whole orders of magnitude weaker. That has consistently been my experience when I have ventured there over the past five or six years now.


gadzooks64 said...

I have a friend that took $$$$$ off of Bodog. He loved it there until it started to take forever to get his money off. Don't think he plays over there anymore.

Conan776 said...

^^ That was my experience too. It took 4 months to get a check, but that was years ago.

Here's one for your series, Grump -- the guy currently on my right.

Rakewell said...

LOL--excellent one!