Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Not my night, redux

I'll make this quick.

Hooters. First hand--not just the first hand I choose to play, but the first hand I'm dealt--is KJ. Flop is A-Q-10. Get it all in against a guy with A-10. Turn 10.


Second hand--not just the second hand I choose to play, but the second hand I'm dealt--is AQ. Raise, several callers. Flop A-Q-10. (Sound familiar?) I get it all in against a guy with K-J. I do not improve.

I go home.

That is by far the fastest I have ever lost $400.

Here's my spreadsheet of results for the night:


matt tag said...

sometimes the bear gets you.

CrabblerK3 said...

What have we learned about Hooters cardroom?

Anonymous said...

I was on the other end of the KJ v A10 hand the other night. Spiked the 10 on the river, though, after we were already all in post-flop. KJ was not a happy camper after that...

Anonymous said...

There is something funny about that spreadsheet. You might fail to see the humor but it is lurking beneath the surface!