Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How do people get here?

Recently I've seen myself listed by other poker bloggers (specifically Bill Rini and Wicked Chops) as among their top referrers. It occurred to me that I've never done more than glance at the Google Analytics report about who has been referring hits to me. I herewith correct that deficiency. For 2010, the top ten referrers were:

1. http://craakker.blogspot.com/
2. http://www.allvegaspoker.com/
3. http://pkrdlr.blogspot.com/
4. http://taopoker.blogspot.com/
5. http://magicalmysterypokertour.blogspot.com/
6. http://ftrain.blogspot.com/
7. http://www.thinkingpoker.net/Blog/
8. http://bwop.blogspot.com/
9. http://www.twoplustwo.com/
10. http://bastinptc.blogspot.com/

While I was at it, I also took an updated look at what Google queries lead people to something I've written. To be sure, the great majority of Google searches that find me are clearly looking for me, with some combination of "poker," "grump," "rakewell," and "blog." But setting those aside, for as long as I've been peeking in at this sort of thing from time to time, the top inquiry has been about Tom Dwan's sexual orientation. I wrote about it the first time I saw Dwan play on television. Then a while later, I discovered that Google searches about Dwan were by far the most common thing leading people to my blog. For 2010, such questions remain in the lead by a huge margin, with at least 1200 souls having looked through my pages in an attempt to satisfy their curiosity on this vitally important matter.

Interestingly, for the first time, I can actually provide something of an answer. Since I last mentioned the subject, I have heard Dwan speak openly about his girlfriend when playing in various televised events and on his Twitter feed. Assuming that he is telling the truth, and that this refers to a romantic rather than platonic relationship, the answer appears to be that he is straight. Not that there's anything wrong with that....

Oddly, the next most common Google search that leads people my way is now "Brad Booth broke." That plus a few variants on the same idea brought over 650 searchers to the blog. The only thing I've written about Booth is a post pointing readers to an interesting All In magazine article about his travails: http://pokergrump.blogspot.com/2010/05/brad-booth.html It's not like either Booth or Dwan actually feature heavily in my thoughts or writing.

There are also some strange keyword searches that show up in the rankings:

  • poker grump jeep (209)
Huh? I've used the word "Jeep" exactly once in four years. It was in a non-poker-related post, just showing a few photos of a crazily decorated car that I noticed while walking downtown, here. And yet more than 200 people specifically sought out that post? I don't get it.
  • shannon elizabeth (152)
  • shannon elizabeth feet (61)
Um, OK. I have no idea what these people are doing here. I just tried a Google search for Shannon Elizabeth, and I'm nowhere in the first five pages of results. If you have a foot fetish for her, I'm surely not the go-to guy about that.
  • grange95 blog (131)
Baffling once again. When I replicate this search, I find my first mention toward the bottom of the second page of results. If people are looking for the infamous Craakker, how do so many of them get diverted my way, rather than where they presumably want to go?
  • cory zeidman drunk (46)

One of my personal favorites, this--though just as mysterious a result as the others. I did write once about having Zeidman at the table with me briefly, but he was not drunk. He consumed only water while he was playing.

As I have found in the past when doing such high-tech navel-gazing, what specific things people are looking for when they find me has zero correlation with either what I write most about or with what I think are my best pieces of work. Oh well. I'm glad I have at least a little something to offer to people with such widely varying interests.


Todd said...

Your blog came recommended in Google Reader, and for some reason I listened to it.

Turns out we have mutual friends (@caitycaity among others) so I'm more than happy to continue subscribing.

bastinptc said...

In that I offer so little poker content, I am somewhat surprised I made your list. Glad to know my blog serves some purpose other than a receptacle for my mind's bulimic impulses.

--S said...

Damn it all. I have to work harder now so as to move up a notch or two this next year. I need to be very creative if I am to work in more than the occasional link back this way ;)

Wolynski said...

My post "On Being An Asshole" has 7500 hits so far and counting - all that through Google search.

Not sure it's doing me one iota of good.

astrobel said...

you seem to be somewhat intelligent. Don't you think chances are Dwan's girlfriend might be part of a marketing make over ?
It would not be the first closeted gay to have a great looking girlfriend / get married and/or even have children. That proves nothing.

Andrew Brokos said...

Glad I could help!

I saw Dwan and his girlfriend (or his then-girlfriend, anyway- dunno if he's still with her) in line for the waterslide at PCA. She seemed 5+ years older than he, but was skinny with an enormous chest and a tiny bathing suit. Definitely the kind of girlfriend I'd expect from a straight, newly minted, red-blooded American millionaire in his early 20's.

Best of luck in 2011,