Thursday, January 06, 2011

Stud Indicator

I just stumbled across this product, Stud Indicator. In addition to the expected stats tracking features, it apparently keeps track of and displays for you all folded cards, working with stud, stud/8, and razz. They claim that the software is approved by PokerStars.

I'm surprised by this. I would not expect the sites to approve any software that allows continued showing of folded cards, because of the tremendous advantage that confers on those using it, especially across multiple tables. I had read a long time ago that such programs were specifically disallowed by the big online poker sites. Has that changed?

If any readers have tried this, I'd be interested in your comments about how well it works.


Josie said...

Ohhh I thought it was for identifying hunky poker players. My bad.

CoolDave88 said...

I downloaded the software and it really does show discards. It is a nice design and easy to use. This will make us money.

BWoP said...

Ok on PS:

I haven't tried it though. My guess is that there's probably feedback on 2+2 in the stud forum or a similar message board.