Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cruel game

I just finished a home game on PokerStars. I was heads-up with Mrs. Lederer for the title and $15 in first-prize money. She had survived into the money only because when there were five of us left, she sucked out both a low and a flush with AA3 to beat my AAK in stud/8, capped on 3rd and all in on 4th street.

I had taken a substantial chip lead when this hand came up, capped on 3rd, all in on 4th:

Then this was the final cruel blow, capped pre-flop, all in on the flop:

I had to settle for 2nd place and $9. So disappointing.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of makes you wonder just what kind of game options and controls are available to the Club Manager, doesn't it? : )

It was a pleasure playing with you this evening,