Saturday, February 05, 2011

No more Venetian comps?

This news story seems to be saying that there will be no more $1/hour restaurant comps at the Venetian poker room:

"We know that the subject of comps has been played out all across Las
Vegas, but we've taken a different position," Adelson said. "We've essentially
cut out all our accounts except the most highly rated players. No more packaging
deals to try to be competitive with others. There's no more comp rooms given
out. There's no more food and beverage. There's no shopping credits. There's no
restaurant credits. There's no showroom credits."

If that is so, I think they're being penny-wise and pound-foolish, as the old saying goes. It won't change my behavior much, but I think they underestimate the nittiness of many poker players.


buttnugget said...

Wow, just wow. They just lost my business. (I know, I know they're trembling). Absolutely no reason to gamble there anymore. Too many other newer choices. I just hope others will vote with their feet.

What to me seems most stupid is if you are going to institute such a policy why tell anyone? Just tighten up. Don't promulgate the fact that you're stingy. Who is he trying to impress?

Luke said...

I think you misunderstand the story. When they say "no more food and beverage" they are referring to the comp meals/drinks they often give to big spending table game players. They are still going to comp their bigger players, they are just tightening things up for the smaller high rollers. I highly doubt the $1/hour for poker players will be effected.

--S said...

I've seen first-hand what happens when you give players stuff for free and then suddenly, without warning, take it away from them. The result is not pretty.

For example, reference those nits who played at Harrah's mistakenly believing they were prop players when the previous manager was giving away the farm to them on a monthly basis. Most chose to never play there again when the previous manager and Harrah's parted ways and their gravy train dried up.

It's an extreme example, but it serves the point.

Pete said...

The comps at the poker room have not been stopped. They continue at $1 or more per hour. In fact to promote the $15-$30 limit game they are giving $2.50/hr for that game. DeepStack tournament players continue to get $10 food comps.

I suspect that what they are talking about is the offers that previously were sent to players inviting them to come stay free. I suspect that even slot players who come and play are still getting things like comped meals based directly on their play .... just not getting mailed an offer to come stay for free.

Anonymous said...

I've been leaving sevral emails to various hosts with no response. Now I no why.
Good bye Sands!